Coraline Bardinat

Who we are

Our agency, based in Paris, can help you expand globally and locally, thanks to our virtuous network of trusted partners in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.

We use our 15+ years of experience in international communications to help brands turn their communications into a development accelerator.

Ellipse Communications was founded by Coraline Bardinat, with the support of MXP Ventures, to help brands, founders, institutions expand to new audiences and navigate the French and global ecosystems.

MXP Ventures is a venture fund and agency accelerator aimed at launching and scaling the next generation of marketing agencies globally. The MXP Ventures agency portfolio includes UK-based Bound to Prosper and Upside PR. For more information, please visit

We believe that what defines you should be
‍the main driver of your communications strategy
We believe that what defines you should bethe
main driver of your communications strategy

Our values

We Listen

To your objectives, your values and priorities, especially as they evolve

We are Curious

We’re always searching, learning, deepening our knowledge to better support you

We Work with you

We create a trusting relationship with our clients that allows us to deliver

We Dare

We are not afraid to push boundaries, to provoke thoughts in order to make sure that we find the best option possible for our clients

We Think Long Term

Winning isn’t about short term, it’s about building a meaningful and lasting presence

We would love to hear
about your project
We would love
to hear abouT
your project
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